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This October 3, 2012, School Turnaround Learning Community (STLC) webinar builds on last year’s  webinar by COI’s Russell Gersten and Ben Clarke on Improving Instruction through the Use of Data Part I: How to Use Your Data to Inform Mathematics Instruction which focused on different types of assessments, their purposes, what the results imply, and how they can be used in school-based decisions to improve mathematics instruction in the classroom setting. In this 2012 session, Dr. Gersten and Skip Fennell examine data from one state’s end-of-year assessment data in the area of fractions to learn how these data can be used to pinpoint areas for future proactive class-wide (Tier 1) intervention, how data distractors can be used to inform Tier 2 interventions for students who struggle to keep up with the class in mathematics, how one state is assisting elementary math specialists in transitioning to and implementation of the Common Core with a focus on research-based practices and policy-driven practices, and what resources may be helpful in improving mathematics teaching and learning. The archived webinar can be accessed here and the PowerPoint presentations and handout are available for download below.

Handout Fennell STLC Webinar 10 3 12
PPT Fennell Gersten STLC Webinar 10 3 12
PPT Gersten STLC Webinar 10 3 12

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