RMC Research offers evidence-based Early Learning resources to help educators and policymakers improve teaching and learning for all young children birth to age five. The materials are designed to facilitate children’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development by providing instructional support in the content areas of emergent literacy, mathematics, and science. Materials also highlight early intervention for struggling learners and evidence-based instructional strategies for children who are learning English to support classroom diversity and differentiated instruction.

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Early Beginnings: Early Literacy Knowledge and Instruction

This resource is the first in a set of booklets, Cornerstones: An Early Literacy Series, that provide instructional guidance for early childhood caregivers, teachers, and leaders.

Learning to Talk and Listen: An Oral Language Resource for Early Childhood Caregivers

This resource is the second in the Cornerstones: An Early Literacy Series publications which are based on the findings of the National Early Literacy Panel about early literacy development.