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In their article “The Power of Feedback” published in the Review of Education Research (Review of Education Research, 77, 81-112), Hattie and Timperley synthesized the results of 12 meta-analyses of 196 studies that included feedback as an instructional strategy. As the article indicates, feedback, defined as information about performance, is an integral aspect of instruction and learning. The Center on Instruction synopsis of this article highlights the findings from their analysis, reviews the evidence related to its impact on learning, and suggests applications in the context of overall classroom instruction as well as interventions with students who are struggling or who have learning disabilities. The original article is available from Sage Publications for a fee for non-subscribers.

This resource can help educators strengthen instructional delivery for implementation of the College & Career Ready Standards (including Common Core State Standards), especially for diverse learners, including struggling students, students with disabilities, and English language learners. The information within this synopsis also provides support in the strengthening of instruction for schools that are implementing School Improvement Grants (SIG).

CBI Synopsis of The Power of Feedback
Synopsis Power of Feedback 2012

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