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This document, based on the research on teaching and learning science, provides the first step towards creating new standards in K-12 science education. It defines the foundational knowledge and skills to be taught in K-12 science and engineering, based on three major dimensions: (1) Scientific and Engineering Practices, (2) Crosscutting Concepts that apply across all fields, and (3) Disciplinary Core Ideas in physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space sciences, and engineering, technology, and the application of science. To access this document, which can be read online or downloaded free, click here.

The Center on Instruction held a webinar on September 21st that discussed the contents of this document and highlighted significant approaches that have implications for the implementation of science, such as a strong alignment with the Common Core Language Arts Standards focused on disciplinary literacy, the expansion of a broader set of science and engineering practices, and an emphasis on a developmental approach that leads to deeper understanding of a few big ideas in science. The archived webinar and PowerPoint presentation used in the session are available here.

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