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This resource, the third module in a series regarding Response to Intervention (RTI) implementation, provides background information on RTI as well as in-depth information regarding multi-level prevention programs.  This module aims to help reviewers use screening and progress monitoring data to make decisions at all levels of the multi-level prevention system as well as develop their own multi-level prevention system as well as learn how to select appropriate evidence-based interventions and practices to implement in their school district and/or school system. This module can be accessed here. Module 1 (Screening) is available here, and Module 2 (Progress Monitoring) is available here.

These resources can facilitate the strengthening of instructional delivery for implementation of the College and Career Ready Standards (including Common Core State Standards) for all students and  can support broader school improvement efforts, including the implementation of School Improvement Grants (SIG), by facilitating the use of student data to drive instruction.

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