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The Center on Instruction held a virtual (web-based) working meeting January 14, 2010, for Regional Comprehensive Center (RCC) staff members, representatives from the Regional Resource Centers (RRCs), and representatives from the eight states (Alaska, California, Idaho, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wyoming, and Vermont) that COI-SpEd has been collaborating with for the past two years on the implementation of RTI. During this working meeting, staff presented research and theory on collaboration supported by actual examples of collaboration collected from schools that COI-SpEd has collaborated with in past and ongoing RTI projects. Participants then engaged in a discussion to develop key recommendations aimed at helping SEAs foster effective collaborative relationships between general ed and special ed at the local level. Available for download are the meeting agenda and the study guide, along with a list of readings recommended to participants prior to the meeting.

The strategies discussed during this meeting support school improvement efforts, including the implementation of School Improvement Grants (SIG).

AGENDA Collaboration Meeting

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