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This collaborative report from the Center on Instruction, the National High School Center, and the National Center on Response to Intervention, summarizes what the High School Tiered Interventions Initiative (HSTII) has learned about effective implementation of RTI in high schools. It provides a brief description of the RTI framework and the essential components of RTI, illustrates how the essential components of RTI are implemented at eight schools, and highlights contextual factors unique to high schools as well as how these factors can affect school-level implementation of tiered interventions. The document is available for download below.

To further disseminate this work and support educators wishing to understand the essential components of RTI and apply them in high school, the HSTII has developed a presentation Summary of “Tiered Interventions in High Schools: Using Preliminary ‘Lessons Learned’ to Guide Ongoing Discussions” and a Contextual Factors of Implementation Planning Template, both based on the published document. The presentation summarizes what the collaborative has learned thus far about tiered intervention implementation in high schools. The template is a tool to facilitate discussions about high school tiered interventions with school staff.

A webinar, The High School Tiered Intervention Initiative: The Implementation of Tiered Interventions and RTI in High Schools, was held February 11, 2010, to share information incorporated into this document. This webinar was second in a series of webinars which included one which introduced the project: The High School Tiered Intervention Initiative, held September 23, 2009, and the latest one, High School Response to Intervention: Progress Monitoring, held May 11, 2010. Archived webinar files and PowerPoint presentations from the webinars are available for download.

These materials support the implementation of School Improvement Grants (SIG) by describing Response to Intervention in high schools, identification of students in need of support and intervention, and the use of student data to drive instruction.

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