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This resource contains both a web-based self-assessment and resource filtering tool that SEAs can use to determine their level of RTI implementation and find resources that are relevant to their needs. The self-assessment allows users to indicate their current implementation activities within several elements of RTI, and the results of the assessment yield a unique set of useful resources that are relevant given the user’s current implementation level and that may provide guidance as RTI is further implemented. The resources consist of those that are relevant to RTI implementation that have already been internally reviewed and are posted on the COI website. To access the RTI CTRL tool, click on

New elementary school and district tools used in various RTI models, collected during school site visits conducted in 2007 for the project described in Implementing Response to Intervention: Practices and Perspectives from Five Schools – Frequently Asked Questions, have been added to the resource filter.

A webinar providing an overview of the tool and discussing how it can help RCCs build capacity of SEAs was held August 17, 2009; the archived WebEx file and the PowerPoint presentation can be accessed here.


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