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This document is the third resource of a series of Conversations with Practitioners, based on a working group of state-level and regional comprehensive center (RCC) staff which collaborated on a project designed to learn how state departments of education, along with their RCCs, are supporting an RTI framework. This document focuses on the collaboration of general and special educators. It discusses the definition of collaboration, provides recommendations for supporting state-level collaboration, and offers tools and suggestions for building capacity for collaboration.

The other resources in the series are Conversations with Practitioners: Current Practice in Statewide RTI Implementation and the RTI CTRL: Response to Intervention Classification Tool and Resource Locator available as well on the COI website.

The strategies mentioned in this resource can be used to support school improvement efforts, including the implementation of School Improvement Grants (SIG).

CBI Supporting State-level Collaboration
Supporting State-level Collaboration among General and Special Educators

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