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The Center on Instruction hosted a training-of-trainers workshop May 29-30, 2008, in Houston, Texas to provide Regional Comprehensive Center staff and state personnel with current research and instructional strategies related to language development and reading interventions for ELLs with and without disabilities. The workshop centered on the use of two soon-to-be-released COI products: a training module in language development and a guidance document on teaching reading interventions to ELLs with and without disabilities. The event provided participants with content as well as activities that can be used in future professional development meetings with teachers and school administrators. The PowerPoint presentations from the meeting are available for download below. NOTE: In order to see the Speaker’s Notes on the PowerPoint presentations (depending on the web browser you are using), you may have to “save” the file to your computer.

Eff Lang & Rdg Interventions PPT from May 2008 Mtg Lang Dev PPT from May 2008 Mtg

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