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The Center on Instruction hosted a WebEx on October 10, 2008, focused on the prevention of reading difficulties and/or problem behavior. McIntosh, Horner, Chard, Boland & Good (2006) conducted a longitudinal analysis examining the interaction between reading skills and assessments in predicting responsiveness to school-wide positive behavior support. In this WebEx, author Kent McIntosh discussed hypotheses concerning the ways in which behavior problems and reading difficulties interact, the results of the analysis of data from reading and behavior measures, and the implications of these results for prevention and intervention of both reading and behavior problems. Dr. McIntosh’s PowerPoint presentation may be downloaded below. The archived WebEx can be accessed here.

This resource can help educators strengthen instructional delivery for implementation of the College & Career Ready Standards (including Common Core State Standards) and support broader school improvement efforts, including the implementation of School Improvement Grants (SIG), by providing guidance on using student data to drive instruction, and using instructional practice data to alter strategies. This information is especially useful for improving outcomes for diverse learners, including struggling students, students with disabilities, and English language learners.

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