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The Striving Readers program aims to improve the reading skills of middle and high school-aged students reading below grade level. It does so by investigating (1) supplemental literacy interventions targeted toward students who are reading significantly below grade level and (2) cross-disciplinary strategies for improving student literacy through discretionary, competitive grants with a strong experimental evaluation component. Striving Reader grants were awarded to eight sites in March 2006 with plans to continue the interventions at least through the five years of the grant. During each year of implementation, independent evaluators under contract to the grantee track and measure the program’s implementation. Annual implementation reports describe the school context, the logic model for the intervention, the implementation research questions and implications for implementation of the adolescent literacy intervention. Project Profiles provide a brief summary of the setting, literacy model under investigation, research questions and the evaluation design used in the project. A cross-site synthesis provides an analysis of common elements and findings across the eight projects—to date. To access the these documents, go to

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