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This FREE self-paced online course is a series of four modules based on the practice guide Intensive Interventions for Students Struggling in Reading and Mathematics. It provides research-based guidance for intensifying instruction in reading and mathematics for students with significant learning difficulties, including students with disabilities, in kindergarten through grade 12.

The audience for the practice guide and this module series is state department of education staff, technical assistance providers, instructional specialists, and special education teachers. The objective is to help participants learn broad guidelines for the design and delivery of intensive interventions, including adapting and modifying instructional practices, to deliver appropriate, responsive instruction for students with learning difficulties.

  • Module 1 introduces the course series and provides guidance to support students with cognitive processing difficulties.
  • Module 2 addresses ways to sufficiently differentiate instructional delivery to meet the learning needs of students who typically require more explicit and systematic instruction.
  • Module 3 considers ways to provide students with adequate instructional time.
  • Module 4 provides guidance on smaller learning groups.

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