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This is the second module in a series of three designed to provide key principles and practices that support classroom instruction. Each module provides resources useful to schools looking to improve K-12 literacy instruction as well as technical assistance providers and others interested in improving literacy instruction. A “Tips for Professional Development” guide to accompany each module helps professional development providers deliver and extend or add activities that can occur during or after the training. Module 2 looks at discussion in the elementary setting. Other modules provide implications for practice, share the characteristics of good discussion, and provide strategies and skills that can be used within the classroom to improve text discussion. Module 1 looks at the research behind discussion of text and gives an orientation to the topic, while Module 3 shares information at the middle and high school level. Handouts to use with each module are available for download below, including resource lists from COI and DWW, a transcript of the module presentation, and participants’ notes. WE SUGGEST YOU DOWNLOAD THE HANDOUTS BEFORE VIEWING THE MODULE, SINCE THEY ARE USED DURING THE PRESENTATION. These are ZIP FILES which must be downloaded and “saved” to your computer; they cannot be opened directly from the website. Once a zip file is downloaded, it can be unzipped and the resources accessed.


Module 2 Tips for Professional Development

Links to other modules:
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Module 2

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