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This suite of resource materials developed by the Center on Instruction is designed to prepare school-based reading coaches who work with teachers to improve reading instruction in kindergarten through grade three. The materials support a four- or five-day professional development event, although they can be used in alternate formats. The materials include three components:  a Participant’s Guide for use in the workshop sessions and as a long-term resource for attendees, a Facilitator’s Guide to provide information for session leaders (e.g., speaker notes, activity instructions), and a slide presentation with embedded video clips that illustrate practical application of the content. To download each component, click below. If you have trouble downloading any of the files, please contact us at for a DVD copy.

These resources can also provide support to literacy coaches and instructional leaders in schools that are Implementing School Improvement Grants (SIG) and/or the College and Career Ready Standards (including Common Core State Standards) as they lead their schools in strengthening instruction.

The Center on Instruction held a webinar on February 28, 2009, to introduce this PD module, along with three other recently released elementary school level products, to identify how it might be helpful to RCCs in their work with states. The archived WebEx can be accessed here.

Leading for Reading Facilitator’s Guide

Leading for reading Participants’ Guide

CBI Leading for Reading - An Introductory Guide for K-3 Reading Coaches

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