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This publication provides research-based guidance that reflects “best practices” for intensifying instruction in reading and mathematics for students with significant learning difficulties in K-12, including students with disabilities. It can also be used as a resource for instructional specialists and special education teachers who are searching for broad guidelines on the design and delivery of intensive interventions.

Related to this document is Designing and Delivering Intensive Interventions: A Teacher’s Toolkit, which provides activities and resources to assist practitioners in designing and delivering intensive interventions in reading and mathematics for K–12 students with significant learning difficulties and disabilities.

An accompanying web-based app, Intensive Interventions: A Teacher’s Toolkit App, is also available here that will allows users to access the four tools, including individual PDF files of each tool, on any computer or mobile device. Optimal viewing of the app will occur on computers and tablets, such as the iPad.

CBI_Intensive Interventions Reading & Math
Intensive Interventions for Students Struggling in Reading & Math

CBI_Intensive Interventions Reading & Math

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