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This publication offers educators and policy-makers guidance on research-based strategies that have been effective in instructing English Language learners (ELLs). Regardless of the model that school districts select, teachers–especially those who have not been trained to work with ELLs–need help to determine the most effective strategies to accelerate student learning and maximize instructional time. This document outlines key contextual factors that decision-makers should take into account when making instructional choices for ELLs, provides a brief overview of bilingual and English-only instructional models, and considers the influence of the language of instruction on academic outcomes for ELLs.

The Center on Instruction held a webinar July 28, 2010, as an orientation to this document. The archived WebEx file and the PowerPoint presentation can be accessed here.

CBI Instructional Models for ELLs
Instructional Models for ELLs

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