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Module 1 is one of two presentations on informational text structure, focusing on students in Grades K-5; Module 2 addresses students in Grades 6-12 and is posted separately. Both modules are interactive and designed to provide key principles and practices that support classroom literacy instruction. Each module provides resources useful to schools working to improve literacy instruction, as well as technical assistance providers and others interested in school improvement.  In these modules, participants will:

  • understand the research that supports instruction in informational text structures,
  • learn about key instructional strategies that help students recognize various text structures and use that knowledge to improve their comprehension, and
  • explore tools and resources to help in planning and delivering effective text structure instruction.

Please download the all accompanying handouts before you begin the module.


1- Uncovering Text Structure Transcript (Williams)
2 – DWW Media Viewing Guide 3 - Helping Students Focus on Text Strucutre Transcript
4 – Informational Text Structure Template 5 – Text Structure Instruction (Gumm) 6 – CE Text Structure Activities for Module Participants 7 – Your Turn to Practice 8 - Interactive Strategies for Teaching Nonfiction Text Structure
9 - Text Structure Activities and Student Work
10 – Instructional Planning Tools Module 1 References and Resources Transcript Module 1 Informational Text Structure

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