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This handbook bolsters effective implementation of intervention models and strategies outlined in the 2009 SIG program in order to achieve the program’s clear goal—rapid improvement of persistently low-achieving schools. It was developed by the five national content centers (Assessment and Accountability Comprehensive Center, Center on Innovation & Improvement, Center on Instruction, National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality, and National High School Center) and edited by the Center on Innovation and Improvement. In particular, this Handbook offers practical explanations of the SIG’s required and recommended models and strategies, references to the underlying research, and connections to useful resources. The intended audience includes state education agencies (SEAs), local education agencies (LEAs), charter management organizations (CMOs), education management organizations (EMOs), organizational partners engaged in school improvement, and schools engaged in rapid improvement. To download the entire 210-page document, each chapter individually, or chapters by topic, click here.

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